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Welcome to Protecting America’s WednesdaysQA, where we answer the most common home security questions you have about your home. In Wednesday’s issue, our Facebook marketing manager Adam sat down with a security engineer and forgot some questions that are likely to be on your mind when looking for a security system for your home. [Sources: 8]

Some of you may find this a little strange, but believe me when I say that many, many factors affect the risk of being the victim of crime, and not all of them are related to your own home. Hopefully, this has helped you gain a better understanding of how you can better protect your home, your family and your valuable items. All the information in the article may help you fortify your house against the ones who would want to invade it and protect it as much as possible before you use it. [Sources: 3, 4, 9]

If you are not sure where to start to secure your home, read our article on choosing a home security system. Download our free eBook on 8 mistakes you make in home security and the best home security tools for your home. Find your local security system provider, the alarm company that installs your system, and learn exactly what goes into home security prices. [Sources: 4, 7]

If you contact someone who sells you a home security alarm system, the FTC or your attorney general urge you to ask potential contractors for the following information: What do they do, whom do you contact, what do I do when they come to you, and what do you expect them to do? Once you have completed our in-house security questionnaire, we will send you a free, customized risk assessment report that shows you how to protect your home. [Sources: 2, 9]

Use an alarm company that checks for alarms, fire alarms and other security systems in your home, such as the Home Security System. If you have forgotten answers to security questions, or have a STCU Member Service Representative to assist you, visit your branch for more information. [Sources: 1, 2]

After you speak with one of our security technicians, you can get the option to set up a plan that lets you receive equipment for free. If you are looking for a new system, look at 5 ways to get a low-cost home security system, for 5 ways to pay for it. This site will help you to find and maintain a system of home security that gives you peace of mind, fits your lifestyle, and at a price you can afford. [Sources: 7, 8]

We give you recommendations that include pros and cons, pricing, and more, but we behave like a real – world, unbiased source of information to compare top providers. You can check out our comprehensive home security guide or ask in the comments below and we will do our best to give you an answer. [Sources: 10]

These are special questions that you can ask, create, and answer when you are setup for the first time with an online banking profile. Answering this question allows you to access online banking with a computer or device that is not recognized as the one you previously used to Access Online Banking. [Sources: 1]

Your device is remembered as a device, so when answering this security question you can choose to remember and then name your device profile. Even if you cannot decide on a different, unique name for your device, you might consider remove all previously saved devices from your online banking security profile. [Sources: 1]

If you know a security question and would like to change it, click the Settings link and sign in to online banking. Here you will see a screen showing the current question and you can select “Show Security Questions” to show how the answer is currently set. You can either select the “Edit Security questions” dropdown in the upper right – hand corner of the screen or select a drop down to edit the question. [Sources: 1, 6]

Once you have completed, your access ID, password and security questions will be set up and you will come to another screen to fill in your personal information. If you have answered yes to the previous question once more, you will have to answer yes and you’ll make a security change to your online banking profile. If you have to update or examine any of these security questions, you may do so by logging into your online banking on the website. [Sources: 1, 6]

Get a custom – designed plan that fits your needs to have your security company do site visits at home for you. In some homes, however, you may be installing a new security system and have a hard time signing a paper that includes a costly contract for monitoring services. They may even ask you to stop doing this, which will force you into answering security questions the next time you sign. [Sources: 1, 2, 3]

For this reason, knowing what you should ask can help you decide whether home security is the right choice for you and your family. Be sure to consider all of these elements to get a good idea of which safe home security system is best for you. Since each family has different needs and requirements, each system needs to fit into your unique home security plan. [Sources: 11]

Because of this, we want to ensure that we provide you and your family with a system and services that will help keep everyone safe. A security consultant is a professional who has probably seen many different houses and has a good understanding of how to optimize your system and provide you with the best and safest security for your home. If you travel a lot, you should hire a security company to provide you with a live video feed from your home that you can watch remotely. This will let you know if strangers are around and what is going on to keep your home safe, as well as alert you to any potential threats. [Sources: 0, 11]

You can set up a variety of notifications that you send to your mobile phone or email address using the notification option that you will find when you log into online banking on our website. For example, if your alarm is going off during a break – in, you should have a home security plan in place for that. [Sources: 5, 6]


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