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They make it possible to set up a home security system, such as a security camera or home automation system that can be controlled using a smartphone app. Mobile access to your home security system enables you to monitor and control your Home Security Network ( HSN ) and Home Safety Network Security ( HSN ) remotely from anywhere in the world. Also included in the app is a neighborhood watch social network which allows users to report and monitor suspicious activity in zones which can be custom from around 500 feet to 5 miles, or from within 5 feet. [Sources: 5, 6, 9]

You can either add additional door, motion, and window sensors to deliver coverage across your whole house, or build a comprehensive system which includes a home security system with a range of sensors for every room in your home. [Sources: 9]

Depending on your needs, you may go with a system which monitors all of your systems and pay a subscription fee to get your house surveilled 24/7 by a professional who will get in touch with your local fire and police departments as alarms are triggered. So if you’re looking for a security system like I did, you have to purchase the equipment yourself or lease something and stay with it only a couple of years. If you’re installing equipment on your own, you’ll have to link it to a system, and link to the security system’s security network. You don’t need to lift a finger : Brands such as Vivint and ADT professionally install and monitor your systems, and you install it yourself. [Sources: 6, 7, 9]

They typically provide 24/7 professional monitoring and cost much more than DIY systems. You may need to get into a multi – year contract and pay a hefty termination fee if you break it. You will have to pay monthly or annual fees for the required monitoring, and in some cases you will be hit with a monthly fee of paying the cost for hardware components. If you choose to go with DIY systems, you will have have had to decide between going with the DIY system or installing the system professionally. ADT’s Pulse monitoring service begins at $ 28.99 / month and takes a three – year contract, but it is also having trouble figuring out his own security system for their home security systems. [Sources: 9]

App control and self – monitoring is free, but you can opt for the Ring Protect Plus plan, which offers live monitoring for $ 10 per month for 10 months or $ 100 per year for a test, or opt – in to a three – year contract for just $ 30 per week. Plus also gives you access to a full suite of smart home security features, such as security cameras, smart thermostats, and security alarms. [Sources: 3, 5]

Plus, with a two – way voice that allows you to speak directly to your home’s security system, as well as your family members, neighbors and friends. During monitoring, when smoke intrusion alarms are triggered, agents can try to reach you by calling any of the phone numbers listed, such as your home phone number, address, or email address. If you trigger the 113 decibel siren, you’ll come to call for verification and then disarm using the app, giving customer service the safe word you personally choose. To help ensure you stay connected even when your Wi – Fi gets down, you may subscribe to cellular backups through the app. [Sources: 1, 5, 6, 9]

Home Security, Ooma’s base plan, named the Home Security Starter Pack, provides homeowners access to a complete suite of security features and a free monthly subscription to the Ooma’s professional monitoring service. In addition to building your own system, you may select from five security packages, including the Essential Foundation plan, which are coming soon, which include the Home Security Starter Pack, its Security Kit, and your Secure Home Plan. [Sources: 8]

If you turn on the lights for motion detection, unlock the doors when the smoke detector goes off, or cameras start recording when a sensor is triggered, you can create rules for your home security system. [Sources: 9]

You can make a schedule which turns your sensor on and off at specific hours of the day, and you can tweak your camera’s motion sensitivity to prevent passing cars if it’s close to your window. For best results, however, you should consider a comprehensive, professionally monitored alarm system that ensures that the emergency services reach your accommodation quickly. [Sources: 2, 9]

The beauty of professionally installed systems is that you don’t have to lift a finger, because after the order, a technician comes to your home, adjusts everything and shows you how the system works. Once the camera is installed, you get an alert whenever the cameras or motion sensors go off. You can talk through the video camera’s mic, see who’s outside your door, and even talk to them through your camera mic. But if it does not you will not be able to access your security system to check your alerts or look at the security camera’s live feed. In addition, Wi – Fi – connected devices such as smart thermostats, smart locks, and smart home appliances can be hacked to gain access to your home network. [Sources: 4, 6, 9]

Cameras allow users to remotely monitor their homes through video feeds on the internet; researchers say traffic generated by these devices can reveal information that compromises privacy. Cameras like those manufactured by Nest ( pictured here ) and other smart home security devices present the same privacy risks. [Sources: 0]

Such security businesses only provide devices such as security cameras, which do not accommodate additional devices or integrate with home automation platforms. They typically support one to two wireless protocols and provide a limited selection of added components, while more costly DIY systems will support multiple wireless protocol and be compatible with dozens of add – on components. [Sources: 6, 9]


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